Jesus said “Let the little children come to me…and He took the children in His arms…and blessed them.”

Mark 10:14,16

Preschool Curriculum

Trinity’s Little Children Centre incorporates a play based preschool curriculum into the child care program.  The curriculum includes cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and language skills.  Our program has many learning centres including house-keeping, dress-up/dramatic play, blocks, puzzles, art, music, sensory activities, fine motor activities, and much more. 


The program will have a circle time with songs, stories, drama, movement, and more. 


The children will be exposed to phonics (alphabet letters and thei sounds) through our Fun Family Phonics program.


Our art program consists of open ended art during free play time as well as more structured, theme based art activities.  The children can explore God’s world through the manipulation and use of many different media and materials.  


This program will prepare your child for a successful transition to kindergarten.